Laser cutting cost calculator

Reduce your order processing
costs by up to 50%
We know that most enquiries to you are simply requests for prices, which do not always become orders.

And every customer compares you with your competitors and chooses the one who responded quicker and offered a good option.
In the end:
You waste time processing an order from a potential customer who may end up ordering nothing.
Your managers do not have enough time to process orders and customers leave for your competitors.
You either have to buy and train managers in CAM software (ProNest, CncKad, TrueNest) or load technologists with non-core work.
That's why we have made a user-friendly online calculator that estimates the cost of cutting parts automatically and allows you to quickly calculate several options.

The cost calculation will be twice as fast with AnyCut

AnyCut calculates any number of parts very quickly because it uses:
A fully automated operations cost calculator that adapts to your pricing structure.
A proprietary algorithm that places the parts on the sheet in the most compact way possible.
And in doing so, it takes into account discounts for metreage and order size, complexity of contours and a remnant.

As a result:

You provide the customer with the price of the order faster than your competitors, and the customer chooses you.
You can simply offer the customer several options, so that they could choose the right one, rather than going off to look for someone else.
The order can be processed by any manager with no experience.
You no longer need any CAM software or other services to estimate the order, everything about the calculation can be done in AnyCut.
1 hour
We form the pricing structure based on your data.
You receive a new order and send it to us by email.
We respond to most requests within one hour.
We calculate the order based on your pricing structure and send you a full report, including the price structure and customer offer.
You send an offer to the customer and wait for their response.
If yes, you receive an order for which you have spent less than 1% of its cost.
If not, that's fine - it took 10 times less resources to process that order than if your manager had done it.

How it works

You can also put AnyCut Calculator on your website

It will calculate the price for you so that the customer will just need to send you the order. See how it works below.
The complexity of the contours and the number of files does not affect the cost and speed of the calculation.


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Send us these files and we will process and calculate them ourselves within a couple of hours. We can process all your incoming orders in this way as part of our outsourcing service.
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